Pillar Unepisode : the Journey into the Pillar Project


Editorial by David Siegel -

  • “Did we have "The Right Stuff" to go to the moon?”

The Universe of Pillar Part I

The Universe of Pillar Part II

The Universe of Pillar Part III

  • One equals One : Interview with Daniel Roka - Mathematician and software developer. Advisor to blockchain projects, founder of a small blockchain education center in Budapest, Hungary. He is spending his days working on decentralization, liquid democracy and the peer to peer economy.

The Universe of Pillar Part IV - Interviews

  • Sharmini Ravindran - Founder at Influence Media l Marketing Stratgy at Mysterium Network l Nomad

  • Rahdi Fakhoury - CEO at Foleum / The Bitcoin Miner on YouTube!

  • Mindaugas Kiskis - Professor w: Mykolas Romeris University. Frontier in Data Protection & Privacy, Tech Regulation & Policy, Intellectual Property, Interdisciplinary Research

  • Eike B. Post - Blockchain focused Advisor, Investor, Founder Dr. Eike Post focuses on cryptocurrencies, innovation through the blockchain and tokenized investments, advising, investing and building companies.

  • Auste Kiskiene - Vice Rector, Associate Professor - Founder of Consent Token Project

  • Maxime Suard - Blockchain Enthusiast, Full-Stack Developer, Blockchain Engineer, Entrepreneur - obsessively curiousand purpose driven.

  • Daniel Weinzveg - Co-founder of The Coin Locker Group (CLG) - a collective of expert marketing, advertising, and blockchain consultants with experience launching ICOs, ITOs, blockchain projects, and crypto-currency marketing campaigns. Talent & Organization Development Consultant at Daniel Weinzveg Inc.

  • Gintautas Kucas - Co-founder of RIDER Mobility, a blockchain-based ride-hailing service for self-driving cars and drones. Board member at Crypto Economy Organisation. Blockchain, innovation strategist, marketer, business developer. Certified marketing manager (LiMA B), experienced business developer with 15+ years of experience in managing business, sales, marketing and operations.

The Universe of Pillar Part V

Pillar Vision and beyond (videos)

  • Pillar educates Regulators

  • Blockchain will make it possible

  • Who owns my data?

  • Exciting times ahead

  • Walking Towards a Small Life: The Pillar Platform Can Make it Happen

  • What are Hashes and Crypto ?

Pillar’s customer bill of rights

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