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Yes, We Trust in Technology and even more in the Blockchain innovation.
But we are totally aware about the risk that each new innovation brings. 

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We know and don’t forget the past. 
We don’t want to see the emergence of new monopolies, we don’t want to see this unique opportunity be sullied by scams, we don’t want to assist at the spoliation of this technology by few one … Yes We Trust in the Blockchain innovation. But we think that it need some ethical rules to fully express its potential !
Also we don’t forget that, first, it’s made by people for (all) people.
So we have decided to act and contribute … 
Visions of Blockchain Magazine is not only our but also your megaphone.

Feel free to join us :)



A singular Team !

As we trust in our common vision, we want to contribute to change the world and to be concretely engaged in what we do, here and now, tomorrow and in everything.

We practice agile methods, following the Kaizen way, in everything we do, using the most innovative tools.

We know what collaborative work means: we are a worldwide team !

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Contribute and support

There are several ways you can contribute to realize this idea and support the project:


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